Rajesh Jayaraman

The fading of the 20th century innovators

Carly's Gone. HP Celebrates.

Another truly innovative company in the doldrums :-(

It takes decades to build a culture of innovation, sometimes a full century (see AT&T post yesterday). It only takes a few years to destroy it completely.

There are many today who believe in individualism, the ability of these same HP people and Bell Labs people going elsewhere to innovate. But, it doesn't work. See what is happening at Lucent.

You need the environment, the rewards, the culture, the investment to innovate. You can't just take a bunch of smart people and expect innovation to flow.

Thankfully, the place of HP and AT&T is being taken by the likes of Google, that have acquired the money and the means to innovate meaningfully.

I am sad for HP, but optimistic for innovative companies as a whole!

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